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Abisoft Ltd. participates in development with our partner - BielaTech Inc., whose clients are:

And develops software for clients in Russia as well.

  • Public corporation "Radioavionika"

    Our company developed and supports Radioavionika's corporation site on their demand and develops software for the defectoscope complex Avikon-03 which is installed on the combined flaw detector cars (FDC).

    System characteristics and features:
    - incoming data conversion into digital form and its processing using propritary algorithms
    - registered data conservation without information loss
    - run-time sensors' signals reflection onto the display with an indication of the coordinate position
    - full control of the defectoscope equipment channels sensitivity
    - indication of the path coordinate position and current speed of the flaw detector cars (over the range from 1 to 60 km/h)
    - image scale changing possibility in the freeze-frame mode
    - measuring of all possible properties of registered signals
    - printing of all necessary documents
    - registration parameters and detected defects reports
    - fast bookmarks access
    - storing all information about thoroughfare in one database
    - possibility of the simultaneous comparison of several thoroughfares through the same part of a path
    - ultrasonic and electromagnetic channels processing, that makes possible to find out defects of a whole rail profile according to normative-technical documentation

    In addition, for the effective new non-destrucive facilities applying in railway industry (with the entire information registration system and the technicaly and economicaly reasoned control periodicity), Radioavionika and Abisoft resolve a number of technical and organizational tasks such as: reflected information unification, schedule elaboration of information gathering and accumulation, firmware complex creating for the partial path defectoscope processing.

  • LandLord Manage company

    We developed and support the web-site http://landlord.valuehost.ru for LandLord company.

  • Goods wagon's factory Energiya

    The system of document preparation and registration was elaborated by request of the enterprise.

  • All-Russia Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resourses of the World Ocean

    We developed the structure of local institute network, realized and adjusted it. The traffic accounting system was installed and tuned as well.

  • City Center N1 of children with hearing and speech pathology regenerative treatment

    The system for patients accounting that was developed for the City Center N1 of children with hearing and speech pathology regenerative treatment is handed over in pre-production operation.

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